The input method explained!

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In this post, I'll give you an in-depth use of Python's input() method.

What is the input used for?

input() method in Python is used to take input from the user. it works similar to both cout and cin in C++


variable_name = input("prompt to the user..")

Reading one variable


age = input("Enter your age")

It works similar to the below code in C++

int age;
court<<"Enter your age";

Reading two variables

You can also read multiple variables at the same time.


age, weight = input("Enter your age & weight").split()

You need to use the split() method in order to read multiple variables from a single line, The above code works like below, For example, if you entered 18 49 in the console, the interpreter reads it as a string "18 49" and the split() method divides it into 18 and 49 and they are assigned to age and weight respectively. It works similar to the below code in C++

int age, weight;
court<<"Enter your age & weight";

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